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I have a clear, coherent and attractive brand. This will include logo and design assets to inform all products - colours, images, tone of voice, fonts, graphics.
I am clear about who I am and how I fit so I can move forward into 2015 with confidence knowing what my business is about, how I can be of service to my clients and followers and how I can make a profit doing those things.


My biography and personal story is rewritten to reflect the new brand
I am confident about my "job title" and "job description" so there is no more confusion about what to call myself
I have an ebook to give away free on my website - 10 body parts and why it is important to be fully embodied.
I have a series of "post cards" one for each body part.
I have a series of videos - one for each body part.
I have written a series of at least 10 blogs - one for each body part
I have an active Twitter profile and am tweeting at least once a day
I have 100 followers on my professional Facebook page
The content for my website is created and designed, ready to go live
The Circular Sounds book is completed, designed and ready to be published
I have a plan for a suite of products ready to be actioned in 2015

Agreements and Actions

I will give myself milestones within which to accomplish the different steps towards my goal
I will set aside block time to achieve each task and mark this in my calendar so nothing can interfere
I will set aside a realistic budget and decide how to spend it
I will ensure my coaches keep me accountable to the milestones I have set


Achieving this goal gives me a business. It provides a foundation for all my different brands and product streams. It explains why I am relevant and makes it easier for people to hire / collaborate with / follow / buy from me.
Accomplishing this goal helps me accomplish all my other goals.

Target Date

Christmas Day 2014 (90 days from 26/9/14)
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