100% work audits


Need to regulary achieve at least 2X 100% underwriting audits each month. Ideally would like all three to be 100% but need to not be disappointed if I only get 2/3.


Confident in reccommendations, will be put forward to start working on level 1 delegations, confident in inforamtion gathering, have good quality notes.

Agreements and Actions

Need regular coachign sessions with underwriter. I take everything I can out of coaching sessions but always need to make sure that I am prepared and have any questions I have though of througout the week ready.
Would like to look at other people's audits and see how they do things differently compared to me and if there is anything I can learn off them.
Time and practice are the most important things that I need to achieve this goal.
Always have recommendations.
Always present my information clearly and in a logical manner so underwriters understand.
Always work within my delegations which are 0 at the moment.


Once I achieve good work audits, I can start putting forward submissions for my level one delegations.

Target Date

September 2014
Sinead Livingston

Current Focus
1 Planned
2 Completed

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