100% Call Quality

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Having good conversations with people is key part in the role that I am in and I want to excel in it. I like talking to people and there is a certain knack and skill to doing it well and since my dream job is dealing direct with people, knowing how to communicate and build raport is important.


Have knowledge of products.
Excellent customer service
Have great rapport with customers
Being able to educate the customer on why a certain products or add on would be beneficial for them.
Increased sales.
Ultmately I will have 2X 100% call quality scored monthly

Agreements and Actions

Complete any necessary modules such as "talking with Customers.
Take my time and have post it notes around my desk reminding me of little things I regularly forget.
It will take time, practice and confidence.
Have regular coachings and track how I am doing and what I can improve on.
Listen to other peoples calls who regularly score highly and see what they do differently.
Need to close the sale and handle objections better.


Talking to customers directly, in real time, face to face is going to be a major role in my dream job of risk surveyikng. I need to be able to confidently explain to them what I am doing, why it is important for them and the impact it has on them as a customer.

Target Date

January 2015
Sinead Livingston

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