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A couple of years ago I wanted to become a Life Coach. I was working in Corporate America and I knew my time was up, however, I learned a lot from my time in being there and in a dream I was shown what my purpose was. I worked to become a certified coach and when clientele went down, I decided to place it on the backburner. My vision is to get back up and walk into that purpose because I know it is where I belong. I want a successful coaching business where I am coaching one on one and in groups helping women to realize their dreams, to have better relationships, healing from the inside..healing of the
heart, mind and soul.

What does a successful practice look like to me? My vision is me being able to hold seminars and webinars to people about healthy living, changing mindsets, relationship issues (personal and business) I would love to take in about 10 clients a week (maybe more). I would love to hone in on my speaking skills and do speaking engagements, women retreats. (My focus is on women, however I get more men coming to me than women and just hadn't figured it out yet)
How would I see them? I would be coaching them via phone, face to face, or internet.
How am I finding them? I have began to advertise my services on social networks and anywhere I can find to get my name back out there such as Twitter, Linkedin (Where I have plans to create a group to be able to share my skills)
Packages I will offer include
Journaling Package (it could be weightloss, depression, relationships..)
How to shift your mindset to manifest what you want
Healthy eating classes
Relationship coaching (single and group)
There will be more...
Yes it is affecting my lifestyle...I am finally doing something I love to do and most importantly I work for me. I get to set my own hours, vacation when I want to and live comfortably on what I make.
I would love to have my business in an office space where it offers a comfortable environment for my clients...a welcoming environment.

Necessary resource sets

I need to be able to put in the time to market (Brand) myself once again. I also know that there will be times when I do need to invest in myself so saving money in order to take my business places. Materials I need are activities for my clients (finding resources of coaching materials) to use in my business. Also taking more classes to be able to be the coach that will be able to offer my clients the best experience with me.

Where are you right now?

Right now I am working on branding myself and networking with others to get ideas of what I need to do. I am working on bringing my blog back into the picture, I trusted the wrong people earlier in my vision and each time, my website was not in my control and I lost a lot of writings. I am working on it and trying new things to see if I really need a blog. I may just need social media platforms to set my business in order.

Obstacles or limitations

Some obstacles may be targeting my market because relationship (Holistic) coaching is very broad and can include men and women, so finding how to target my market. My blog may also be a challenge because my blog has been deactivated twice and a lot of information has been lost and right now I don't have money to put into another one. These are the only challenges I face at this time.
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  • Thats great Kimberly, I am looking forward to seeing how you refine your vision.

    James Stokes Sat, 15 Jun 2013 @ 05:08 pm 10 years 11 months ago
  • Thank you James! Those are great questions and reading your post made me think even deeper. I think of my business as more of "Healing of the Heart" When the heart heals everything else follows. I may have answered those questions in my own head as well as on paper, however I am revisiting those questions you asked in your post. I will get back to you shortly.

    Kimberly Moore Thu, 13 Jun 2013 @ 09:14 pm 11 years 1 day ago
  • Hi Kim, I am sitting with Michael Breen in the CoachingCloud offices and we were looking at the public vision wall and saw your vision. What a great vision - we both really loved reading it. Michael just said "OMG, Kim, I am not quite sure exactly what it is that this successful coaching will look like (and it's so not fair to keep me hanging like this); I WANT TO KNOW... What does successful practice look like to you? (my imagination is different, and I have to fill in the blank at the moment, and it may not be your vision). In your vision, how many clients a week are you seeing, how are you seeing them, how are you finding them, whats the package you are offering, how is this affecting your lifestyle? Are you planning on buying a new sofa? Mmmmm?"

    Healing women from the inside sounds like the beginning of focusing in on a niche, which is great... more please. It's what I love and hate about the vision wall - I always want to know more... Good luck with your work! Keep us all up-to-date. I am sure there are many coaches here that are willing to help you.

    James Stokes Thu, 13 Jun 2013 @ 03:30 pm 11 years 2 days ago

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