I named my vision "FREE SPIRIT" because I feel my spirit is bottled up and needs to be set free. My focus is changing from making a living to making a life. I see the social aspect of the majority of people drifting away with material things and the more stuff labeled "better this, faster that, higher this, easier that" the more I feel the need to retreat into a more meaningful and simpler life. Selling the Abundant Wellness Center and the property is my goal to achieve during 2014. Paying off ALL my debt and purchasing a trailer on wheels so I can be more mobile. My goal is to leave the trailer with some of my stuff in it at Rachel's or possibly Dreamland while I travel for a few years. Costa Rica, Australia, New Zealand, India, and England, Ireland and Scotland are my destinations. I am very interested in living and learning lifestyles, rituals, nature and spiritual practices of Indigenous communities.

Necessary resource sets

#1 - I need to finish the gardens at the Abundant Wellness Center. Beautify the property to make it more inviting to sell.

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#1 - ground zero

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Time & money.
Debee Boulanger

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