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In my adventurous life I am spending a lot of time outdoors doing things that kinda freak me out but I am good at and I want to be more good at. Number one is more tree and back country skiing. It involves skiing Tucker man's Ravine or Hill man's Highway again skiing at Mad River Glen and more trees at Magic. It involves having AT equipment and regularly skinning and skiing back and side country. Next year it involves participating in the Thunderbolt race. It also involves getting past fear of new things like mountain biking and dirt biking. It involves motorcycle road trips and camping trips. It involves new back country camping equipment and doing parts of the Appalachian trail. It involves becoming a yoga slacker. In an ideal world it involves stand up paddle board yoga.

Necessary resource sets

Resources- Money to rent houses near ski areas, buy AT gear, mountain bike, yoga slackline, and a SUP. Also for camping and lift tickets.
Clinics. I'd like to take clinics in back country skiing, mountain biking and slacklining.
Skills. I would like to acquire technical skills in mtb and slack-lining.
Community-people around to inspire and encourage
Place- to do it
Truck for more dirtbiking.

Where are you right now?

Skiing- I am getting more and more proficient, confidence is a big part of it, I gain more confidence by exposing myself to more technical conditions. I am new at skinning but would imagine I would pick it up quickly. More endurance would also help.
MTB pretty much a newbie
Paddle board- newbie but have paddle skills

Community- GTGO, Jebb, Ski buddies, Thunderbolt Runners, Celeste for MTB

Money- need a few thousand dollars to make it all happen.

Clinics- I'm sure they are nearby

Place to do it-HAVE

Truck-don't have

Obstacles or limitations

Fear of injury or inadequate skills
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  • Good luck! :)

    giacomo neri Tue, 14 May 2013 @ 02:55 pm 11 years 4 days ago

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