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Extend my personal work across existing borders seeking to integrate the transpersonal aspects of my work with existing practices. Includes a desire to seek work and connections outside of the UK, By the end of 2013 I want to have secured motivational speaking engagements in the US as well as having key events booked within the UK.

Necessary resource sets

Develop and promote my practice
Review existing publications and release with ISBN numbers to on-line book sellers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)
Improve and co-ordinate my on line resources (website and blogs specifically)
Increase my on line presence in terms of clients
Connect with successful coaches and learn from their experience
Seek meaningful and relevant collaborations
Create a 'success team'

Where are you right now?

Re-editing existing publications
Working on materials created for Ascend Project
Re-designing websites after discussion with graphic designer
Establishing short term goals
Promoting specific approaches like 5 Step Motivational Model; Personal Alchemy, Magic 4 Learning. People-Process-Product

Obstacles or limitations

Finances - need to see these as motivational drivers
Location - requires me to develop contacts outside of immediate location
Branding - leveraging good feedback and contacts in order to grow business
Product - ensuring I can communicate the links between the various aspects of my work
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