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I want to be an accomplished Christian author and speaker. I will be traveling all over the world speaking at a variety of different venues to various sized audiences. I have a team of people who handle much of my schedule. I have a personal assistant, a booking agent, and a marketing manager. I have 2 bestsellers with 2 more in the process of being written. My main income comes through the sales of my products along with my speaking engagements. I sell my products through my own personal website which includes a daily blog which thousands of people subscribe to. I also include a monthly newsletter which includes practical life steps for maintaining a life of integrity. When I am not traveling and writing, I am tutoring and working as a life coach for Purpose by Design.
My book plan and seminar list are as follows:
1. The Fate of a Rotting Heart - Book/Devotional/Bible Study
- Children's Book
- Rotting Heart Teen Edition
- Rotting Heart Married's Edition

Possible Seminar Topic/Titles:
1. Danger of Betrayal Worship
2. Wounds
3. Uncovering Heart Rot
4. The Key to Successful Accountability

2. Autobiography - Behind the Mask of a Church Girl - Book/Devotional/Bible Study
- Companion Guide with practical exercises to promote personal integrity and life organization with topics to include:
1. Clarifying your WINS
2. Health Plan
3. Steps to Relationship healing and Restoration
4. I hate church people

-I want to host seminars connected to my books at churches, community events, and corporate environments
- I want to speak at Christian conferences to include: women's, family, teen/young adult
- I want to build my own brand so that I can host my own conference centered around The Fate of a Rotting Heart

Necessary resource sets

1. Money - steady flow of income
2. Daily Planning Time - Writing/Dreaming
3. Contacts - Making connections with people in the community
4. Product - My book resources and materials must be completed
5. Team - I need to build a team around my vision
6. Marketing tools and strategies

Where are you right now?

I just completed my first book which is now in the editing process. I am getting my head shots done, beginning my website and business card design, and researching the publishing process so I can get my book published. I also started writing a bible study and devotional.

Obstacles or limitations

1. Lack of money
2. Inadequate marketing
3. Fear
4. Disappointing book sales
5. Inconsistent speaking opportunitites
Amy Kochek

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