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The goal here is to achieve a solid or high for sales each quarter. This will then reflect how well my calls are going, will help me meet targets and ultimately get STI's and bonus at the end of the year.


Good call quality, comfortable in customising, be confident in reviewing customers policies and seeing what they don't have.
I will be consistenly reaching a 3-4 in sales.
My ultimate goal is to make $1,000,000 whilst in this role.
Meet a target of $5k per week in sales to achieve 3-4 in sales.

Agreements and Actions

Regular coaching sessions and constructive feed back.
Will complete all sales modules on OurPlace.
Get more confident with customising.
Gap review: do all sales reivews and customising at the beginning of the call, focus on what the customer does not have already and whether or not they could benefit from having that product.
Need to always ask for the sale.


To be good at my job accross the board I need to have at least a solid in sales so that it does not let down my team and all of the hard work I am doing in other areas of the business.

Target Date

Achieving a "Solid" by January 2015
Sinead Livingston

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