Level 1 Delegations


I want to achievel my Level 1 Commercial Underwriting Delegations. I will have this underwriting license by January 2015 and when I have it I am going to celebrate with a delicious bottle of wine.
I want people to come to me for reccommendations.


My delegation pack will be handed to me.
I will be confident in underwriting a variety of commercial risks and my coaches will have confidence in me.

Agreements and Actions

Have consistent 100% work audits.
Understand the underwriting process, prepare my information and give to underwriters in a clear and consise way.
Look at other people audit's and work examples to find out what makes a good one and what is expected.
Reccommendations for everything, even if I am not sure, reccommend something.
I need time and practice to master the skill.
Need knowledge of the products.


This goal is relevant as I want to learn more about the underwriting, the technical aspects of the insurance world, I want to get into surveying and I need to have achieved the msot basic of underwriting skills before I can progress.

Target Date

January 2015
Sinead Livingston

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