I want to start study part time again. I want to have something that I am passionate about in the background to keep the work life balance.
Studying full time at Uni was amazing but the time pressure and my age did not let me appreciate the experience fully so want to do some papers part time to re-light the fire.
After taking some papers and learning the language again I would love to travel back to Egypt and stay there for a month or so, travelling around the smaller villages, mingling with the locals. I miss the hustle and bustle and the busy markets and the bartering as well as the heat, dirt and grime of adventure.
I want to go back through Cairo and make my way slowly up-stream all the way to Aswan and stop at all the places in between with a journal and camera and take more details down than I did previosuly to make sure the memories stick properly this time.

Necessary resource sets

Money - need an adequate amount of savings so I can continue to pay the necessary bills at home and still be comfortable to spend and not feel guilty or stressed about budgeting.
Time - Would need to save up annual leave and book time off work.
- Need to wait for the country to stabilise politically first so it is safe to travel.
Study - Want to finish a couple of papers first to trigger what I have already learnt and re-learn the language so it is not so foreign.

Where are you right now?

I am right at the beginning. Nothing has been achieved but it would be easy enough to enroll in some part time papers purely for enjoyment and not grades.
I will need to work for another year before I can save up enough leave to travel for that long and we need two full time jobs to start saving enough. In regards to time we will need to wait for Tai to finish his Physio degree before we can leave unless we travel in his summer break.

Obstacles or limitations

Time is a huge one. It will be a patience game and a long term goal/holiday.
Money is the biggest factor. Making sure we have enough to travel guilt free and be able to make the most of the trip and maintian bills at this end.
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