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Palmer’s Business Vision
We are a 4 star restaurant (Blue Sunday’s) located in the heart of Clarksville, Tennessee. We are the owners of this restaurant (Anthony & Kamari Palmer) our children will carry on our vision (Gloria, Imani, Ezekiel and Elijah). This will be a family owned business that will not change throughout generations. Everyone that works for us must believe in our vision and will be a person of integrity, trustworthy, respectful, courteous, and trained in the area they work in professionally. Our restaurant will be known for our respectful customer services, delicious soul food with an elegant touch and our timely services. Our building will also be used to host banquets, weddings, and receptions. Our restaurant will have an elegant yet affordable family friendly environment. The dress code will be business casual. We will use and serve fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs from our own garden that will be located onsite of the restaurant. Our menu will be mainly soul food oriented but we will also serve Italian, Mexican, sea food and traditional American style food as well. Our hours of operations will be Monday through Thursday 10 am to 10 pm, Friday and Saturday 10 am to 11 pm and Sunday’s 12 pm to 9pm. Our building will be two levels, 8 to 10 thousands square feet, have a patios and balconies. The first level will have a nice foyer for people to wait to be seated, a ceiling to floor water tank, square tables with nice table cloth and comfortable chairs. The kitchen will be fully stocked with all the equipment we need and all top of the line. The second floor will be mostly dedicated towards special occasions etc. It will have a kitchen, restroom and all the amenities. The tables will be round and the entire room soundproofed. We will have an elevator for second floor reservations. It will also have a private elevator for staff only. We will have music with no lyrics played in the background. We will not sell liquor in our restaurant at any time neither will it be allowed on site. We will have all the right equipment from vehicle down to silverware and napkins available for catering outside engagements. Our restaurant will be known across the United States.

Necessary resource sets

To be in the right mind set. Having the knowledge and understanding of everything about/in running and owning your own business. How to price the food. To be able to speak and conduct oneself as a business owner. To have all the right relationships, experience, finances, time, to have the right people that will help build towards our vision.

Where are you right now?

Building up our name/brand through catering events and learning how to price our services so that we do see profit. Learning how to be business partner with my husband.

Obstacles or limitations

Finances, resources, timing, no materials to work with to be more productive, and getting people to want us to cater for them (marketing)
Kamari Palmer

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