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Having a 14 yr old son whom I have been separated from for a number of years has been a heart wrenching drain on my life. Trapped in a career I can't leave because of the exorbitant child support I pay I am unable to find a career that pays as well with benefits and satisifes my child support agreement. At the risk of sounding crass I admit that I feel like less of a father and more like an ATM with a penis as my ability to spend more time with him has been hindered by my financial ability and location of my job. My vision is having the ability to be a father with the last four years of my son's life before he becomes an adult and have a career locaiton where I can facilitate this vision and foster a closer bond between us.

Necessary resource sets

Apply, apply and keep applying for transfers to new field offices within areas where I can have more frequent time with my son. Mastering the art of office politics, creative resume writing and networking will aid me on this quest to "sell" myself and be the top candidate for a position in the deisred location I am attempting to relocate to.

Where are you right now?

I have an opportunity to apply for a transfer to a locaiton which is 4 hours away by car which is far better and less inexpensive than the 4 hour $400+ plane ride from west coast to east coast. Obtaining this transfer would be a mentally and emotionally uplifting positive change to vastly improve my quality of life.

Obstacles or limitations

I work in a federal government agency where "who you know" is lal that matters, and I really don't know anyone who is a "who you know" asset. I have been passed over consistantly by less qualified individuals though I always make the "best qualified" list. My ability to write a resume is not hte issue, its the ability to have someone pay attention and give a chance at an interview. I also need more practical tips on how to interview strongly, over the phone, since they don't interview in person, so I can create such a formidable and positive first impression that the interviewers are compelled to consider me.
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