Birthing out Educational Consulting Business

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My vision is to develop a business that connects parents, community and students together by becoming the bridge that connects them to one another by providing resources to families to help enrich student education and goals/dreams so that everyone has the tools needed to achieve their goals. I will become an expert at researching resources, providing guidance and utilizing my skills and expertise to help people plan out their next steps in life as it relates to education and career by helping to get them on the right track and facilitate the encouragement needed.

Necessary resource sets

God, time, motivation, money, focus, professional development, better laptop, building for workshops, coaching, strength,

Where are you right now?

Right now I am in the process for organizing my business vision and trying to find the strength to get rid of distractions so that I can move forward.

Obstacles or limitations

Myself, distraction, self-doubt, motivation, procrastination, money
Andrea Jackson

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