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End State:

I am honed toned & physically fit; exercising 3 times per week & enjoying the experience. The elements of my exercise plan are varied, fun & hold my interest on an on going basis. To support this outcome I also eat a more healthy balanced varied diet...but still enjoy the odd naughty treat now & again. I feel wonderfully fit have an amazingly toned body; my muscles are subtly defined, not over developed.

Resources needed to make this happen:

Coach to support forward movement on this goal
Gym (?)
Exercise equipment (variety of options)
Fun element
Running clothes / water container
3 exercise DVDs

Current State:

Have a selection of equipment (Exercise ball, step machine, yoga mat, exercise mat, arm eights (small), skipping rope, bike, mini trampoline, running shoes / fit trainers) & some exercise clothing.

Although I am active intermittently throughout the day, I do not currently have an exercise regime unless you count the 2 sit ups getting into & out of bed, plus the walk to & from my car twice a day.

I am a size 8 / 10 so I do not need to do exercise to get slimmer, consequently my motivation has been lacking in this area of my life. That said, last year I trained for & completed a 'Race for Life' & in the past I have attended the gym 3/4 times per week & enjoyed the results I achieved plus the speed with which I achieved them.

Potential Blockers & Limitations:

Motivation levels - it needs to be fun...but often feels like hard work
Should ideally only run on a treadmill rather than concrete due to a previous keyhole surgery on my knee
Time could be a possible blocker
Local gym costs V ROI for my outlay
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