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It has been a personally challenging couple of Years since launching Phoenix Evolution Ltd (2011) and I haven't maximized my time or effort. I am ready and willing to change this NOW.

My present goal is to create cash-flow for my business. I will do this by maximizing my opportunities, such as:

Leverage Social Media (LIVE Google+ Hangouts / Webinars)

Connect with peers who may know of people requiring Coaching

Connect with peers who can put me on Stage to share my message (similar to the TED Talks).

Connect with likeminded individuals or those looking for opportunity and bring them in as Coaches / PTs. (D from the NHS & F from Starbucks, Leeds Station)

Continue my ‘From the Ashes’ series as eBooks. Expand the series.

Hold my ‘From the Ashes’ seminar in Leeds (for c70p), build Client base from Delegates (also opportunity to sell eBook)

I realize that in order to fully realize my ambitions I will need a Coach to help me guide me to achieve these goals and am open to being Coached.
Jon Richelieu-Booth

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