I Am Attracting My Ideal Life Partner

My ideal partner is between 34 and 41 years old. He is single, has no kids nor pets, and wants to have 2 kids. He loves his job and enjoys his life. He is interested in coaching and self development. He is positive, calm and smiles often. He is energetic and loves to try new things. He is gentle and loving. He shares openly his needs, feelings and desires. His income is above average and he pampers himself. He is fluent in English and loves travelling. He wants to live in Bulgaria, the US or UK. He is physically healthy and takes care of his looks - shaves every day or every other day. He is a non-smoker and does sport once or twice a week. He enjoys playing tennis and skiing/snowboarding.

Necessary resource sets

I need to become my ideal life partner myself so that I attract him in my life.

I need to:

> Be more loving -> focus on my goal/vision 'I Love Myself'
> Communicate my needs, feelings and desires more clearly and openly
> Raise my income - focus on my goal/vision 'I increase my monthly income'

Where are you right now?

I am practicing a lot and communicating more clearly and effectively, so I need to focus on the other 2 goals - love and income.

Obstacles or limitations

Time management and focus
Eva Kuleva

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