Peer Mentor 4 Purpose

Often I meet people who say, "I know there is something I am suppose to do, I just don't know what it is yet." And for hours we will talk, pray and seek God for the answer. We ask, "God what is their purpose? What would you have them to do?" Often God does not answer immediately, however over a period of time, God answers and the purpose of the individual is revealed. Then we ask, How do I realize my purpose? That is the second most popular question I am asked as a minister and mentor. Now we are back at the table, talking, praying and seeking God.
In my experience finding and realizing purpose is different for everyone. Not two people are the same, therefore your purpose will not be either. Though we may possess same or similar spiritual gifts, our purpose of the gift is not the same. Some pastors will serve bi-vocationally while others will not. However, they are both called to the same office.
The vision for Peer Mentor 4 Purpose is simply, helping others passionately pursue the purpose of God for their lives so you can be the best you on purpose!
Sharenda Williams

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