UK Mentalist

Fun & Adventure

I want to develop mentalism show ao that it leads to lectures, a show at The Magic Castle and a paid visit to Las Vegas - linking with Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger

Necessary resource sets

Improve my show through increased bookings in UK
Publish and promote existing books
Trial lecture within the UK
Complete Book Test
Collect feedback from shows completed
Explore SKY programme with Alex
Develop work with Don't Try This
Book and promote own shows

Where are you right now?

Have completed trial shows at Acorn, with another booked
Have future bookings with Don't Try This
Have agreed deal for ebook versions of my material

Obstacles or limitations

Contacts to develop tour - need to make them
Shows require an audience, need to be creative around offering shows (Charity 60/40 splits?)
Alan Jones

Current Focus
0 Planned
5 Completed

0 Total
0 Shown

Vision History