Family, Friends & Community

In ten years I will have many many friends, close friends. The kind of friends you share your life with. My relationship with family will be so close we talk everyday. My daughter call me or I call her almost every day and we share our feelings. My friends and I travel from time to time as well as my family and husband. My husband is tall and handsome. He is at least 5' 8" and he has a full head of hair and is extremely helpful. He loves me and I love him, I want to spend time with him and he enjoys my time. We are both Christians and love and serve the Lord with all our hearts. We travel and coach people around the world.

Necessary resource sets

I need to make myself available to people and become friendly towards them. I also need to allow myself to become open to meeting men. I want to grow my company, and reach out to others allowing myself to succeed with my dreams.

Where are you right now?

I am in the beginning stages of setting up my coaching business. I have just begun attending a new church.

Obstacles or limitations

I am somewhat shy about getting out of the house, and I believe I should not go looking for a husband. He will find my directed by God.
Margie Graham

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