Time, Space, and Knowledge


On the experiential level, challenging beliefs, letting go of reference points, and opening up limiting structures.

Necessary resource sets

I can make good use of readings and practice of the TSK exercises in the books. Discussion and practice with others might be helpful.

Where are you right now?

I have read everything, but can beneficially reread things. I need lots more practice. Can I find a way to stimulate and share discussion with others?

Obstacles or limitations

Resistance to formal practice. Not tracking my understanding of the readings. Resistance to sharing and clarifying things with others. Attachment to Sue.
Steve Randall

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  • Readings are from six books of the Time, Space, and Knowledge series authored by Tarthang Tulku.
    TSK:  Time, Space, and Knowledge: A New Vision of Reality. Berkeley, CA: Dharma Publishing, 1977.
    LOK:  Love of Knowledge. 1987.
    KTS: Knowledge of Time and Space. 1990.
    VOK:  Visions of Knowledge: Liberation of the Modern Mind. 1993.
    DTS:  Dynamics of Time and Space. 1994.
    SDTS:  Sacred Dimensions of Time and Space. 1997.

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